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Andy Holt Online is a small collection of resources of things I'm interested in. If you find something useful then enjoy, it's all free. While you're here why not look me up on social media or join the conversation on my BLOG which can be found @ http://blog.andyholtonline.com

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Personal Websites

Just Saying... [ + ]
This is my personal blog which mainly focusses on politics and Scottish Independence.

Kayden [ + ]
This is a personal site dedicated to my Grandson Kayden who sadly passed at the age of 13 months from meningitis. The site contains photos and videos as well as links to donating to charity in Kaydens name. Over £2,200 has already been raised in his memory.

WebDevTips [ + ]
WebDevTips was a web development site I ran a few years ago. In the early to late 2000's the site was very popular and had great reviews. I finally closed the site in 2010 due to work pressures leaving me little time to continue running the site. I have recently resurected the site but as an archive. It still has loads of relevent information and working tools but some of the coding tips may be out of date.